Salut! In this article you will find resources where to listen to the Romanian language for the purpose of language immersion and learning, beyond the basic things you usually find in language lessons on YouTube.

Some are songs, some are YouTube shows, some podcasts but each are hand picked by me in what I think is a general intermediary-learning-pack for immersing yourself in the Romanian language that can also be modern and fun.

Note: This is not for absolute beginners, but for people who want to practice listening to Romanian and do not have readily available language courses.

Romanian 2000s songs.

In the early 2000s, there was a boom of Romanian cheesy pop and dance songs that will always hold a warm place in our hearts. Some are still largely played at birthday parties and weddings. Nostalgia is the key word here as they are always a conversation starter.

To name a few:

3SE – Amintirile Voltaj 20 De ani N&D – Vino la mine
O-Zone Despre Tine Animal X N-am crezut Hi-Q – Gasca mea
Andre – Lasa-ma papa la mare Body&Soul – Super femei TNT-Ani de Liceu
Voltaj – Albinutza ASIA – Inima mea Simplu – Oare stii


Larger playlists here and here


Music Immersion

Music is always helpful for learning a language. There’s nothing easier than singing along while learning new words and expressions. Some of the artists I would recommend for learning Romanian, considering ease of speaking, catchy chorus nice upbeat would be the following:


Smiley – playlist Voltaj – playlist 3 Sud Est – playlist
Smiley – De unde vii la ora asta? Voltaj – De la capat 3 Sud Est – Cine Esti?
Smiley – Acasa Voltaj – Si ce 3rei Sud Est – Vorbe care dor
Don Baxter feat. Smiley – Statul Voltaj – Eu cu mine 3 Sud Est – Liberi
Cleopatra Stratan – Ghita Guess Who – Locul  Margineanu-Paraschivo
Directia 5 – Daca ai sti Phoenix – Timisoara Ombladon – Daca pozele
Holograf – Cat de departe Phoenix – In umbra marelui urs Bitza – Vorbeste vinul


Romanian Stand-Up:

Learning through laughter. Granted, there are a lot of language specific jokes and cultural barriers but we’re here to learn.

Costel – Sex, droguri si copii
Costel – Club 99
Micutzu – iUmor 1
Dan Badea – iUmor

For a more advanced immersion I would recommend „Nimic Nou” – a YouTube comedy show


Romanian youtube channels and podcasts:

1.Zaiafet – (Romanian culture and fun facts)

2.CineStieCe stand-up comedians talking about Romanian social issues)

3. Micutzu Podcast (Adventures of a stand-up comedian)


Romanian movies – non existent. Romanian TV – ineficient

There are some Romanian movies around, but honestly most of them are really old, the sound is terrible and nobody talks like that in real life.

You could try to watch Romanian tv, but it’s filled with commercials for medicine and when there’s not a movie running, they’re usually talking about politics, which is a very controversial subject in Romania. For the most part, Romanians do not watch Romanian tv because it’s boring and generally has no quality content to offer.

IF however the subject of politics is not a deterrent for you, I would recommend 2 Romanian TV channels on YouTube:

  1. TVR – Basic Old School Romanian tv –
  2. Romania Te Iubesc – Journalism stories on Romania’s problems –


In conclusion – Mult noroc și distracție plăcută!

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